Moving and Shaking

I think it's pretty safe to say there's been a lot going on this past month. We have had a number of friends come and visit us in Sydney which has been a real treat, and it's been a real adventure showing them our favourite spots and hidden gems. I also returned back to Perth just in time for Mother's Day, where my own mother treated everyone else around her to a homemade pasta fiesta boasting an array of handmade varieties and flavoursome sauces. Gee, I missed her cooking!

Here's a little of what I've been up to, as told through my lens:
  1. The Strand arcade; One Teaspoon Home in Surry Hills
  2. A seal charm Marc gave me as a memento
  3. I miss this funny little face; boarding a flight back home
  4. The Pie Tin is still one of my favourite Newtown haunts; cat in a pot plant?!
  5. A slice of France in sunny Paddington
  6. Finally got round to reading the lovely messages in our guest book; always adore a Kombi
  7. Epic vine in Surry Hills
  8. Fab glass cactus cocktail stirrers picked up in Paddington for $1 each; it's nice to be able to return to Moore and Moore, where we were married, for coffee and cake whenever we please
  9. Handmade pasta courtesy of my talented mother
  10. $10 bargain Rubi studded flats; tried out nail caviar with a couple of girlfriends


  1. I really love your blog, really. The worst of it all is that it SOOO makes me wanna pack up and move to Australia ahahaahahh.

  2. Such lovely pictures! It looks like you've had a wonderful month!